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Excel Scientific and Engineering Cookbook ( examples)

作者: David Bourg

标签: Office办公软件

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  • Author: David Bourg

This quick, look-up reference is perfect for anyone in the science and engineering community who wants to improve upon their Excel skills. You'll learn how to leverage Excel to perform both routine and complex calculations, and then visualize the results for presentation. Features practical data analysis techniques and real-world examples from a range of scientific disciplines.

The purpose of this book is to show you how to leverage Excel as a capable computing tool to solve a variety of both routine and complex problems. As a practicing engineer and researcher, I've used Excel extensively for everything from routine data analysis to sophisticated design optimization problems. There's little doubt Excel spreadsheets are quick and easy to use. Excel's convenient spreadsheet interface and functionality combined with its integrated Visual Basic for Applications programming language make it a powerful, versatile computing tool. Its ready availability makes it even more attractive.

It's tough to dismiss Excel as a computing tool when it's very likely sitting right there on your work and home computers. You probably already use Excel to some extent for routine calculations. I'd like to show you how you can leverage Excel for some calculations that are not so routine. Don't worry if you're new to Excel, because I cover the basics as well.

This book is full of real-world uses of Excel, many of which I have personally performed either for my own work or for clients. Throughout this book, I try to use easily recognizable, yet real-world, examples wherever possible. To this end, I draw examples from a variety of scientific disciplines, ranging from biology and chemistry to physics to structural engineering. I hope to show you how to leverage Excel to solve problems you may face in your everyday scientific or engineering tasks.


Chapter 01. Using Excel

Chapter 02. Getting Acquainted with Visual Basic for Applications

Chapter 03. Collecting and Cleaning Up Data

Chapter 04. Charting

Chapter 05. Statistical Analysis

Chapter 06. Time Series Analysis

Chapter 07. Mathematical Functions

Chapter 08. Curve Fitting and Regression

Chapter 09. Solving Equations

Chapter 10. Numerical Integration and Differentiation

Chapter 11. Solving Ordinary Differential Equations

Chapter 12. Solving Partial Differential Equations

Chapter 13. Performing Optimization Analyses in Excel

Chapter 14. Introduction to Financial Calculations

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